Brands are the strategic support for bold and sophisticated corporate decisions. Does your brand support your proposal for the future?

The brand discourse materializes in its operations as a form of service, purpose, identification, and appreciation through sophisticated services and products that impact how we live. Our operational structure is unique: we define project teams according to each project's scope and profile, always including new work fronts such as developing critical thinking about the role and relevance of the brand in each business - understanding its impact on the implementation and management of the operation.

We serve clients of all sizes, from simple to complex and robust projects. This way, we understand the process and lead each proposal according to the specifics of the case, allowing us to fully customize the delivery and participate in all the stages where the client needs the most collaboration. In addition to the primary creative and branding services we offer, our services include project management for the client's implementation of services, adapting and upkeeping project management in a lasting and consistent manner. Several projects we have carried out also included developing project implementation services, taking the integration between idea and execution to another level of experience.

Lanatta™ is part of the MapzFlaggen™ group's brand ecosystem, and we specialize in brand projects and business enhancement through communication.



Areas of Work

Our support with sales, development and business growth

Advertising and Publicity
Consumer Products

Entertainment & Media
Food & Drink
Logistics & Transportation

Real State
Software & Technology


Social Responsibility

Generating social impact and making customers smile

At Lanatta™, we believe that creativity is the main ingredient that drives innovation for the future we are building. A new way of thinking, acting, and understanding our world evolves into new ideas that stimulate people to increase their awareness in unique ways. A branding project indicates how a new business will look and think about its future, creating a purpose that inspires management as a guiding thread of dialog and commitment. We partner with institutions and social communities to learn and share our vision and knowledge, developing sustainable projects.

Pro Bono

Our concern for the future is to grow in the right direction.

The meaning behind a new look

At Lanatta™, we believe that creativity is the main ingredient that drives innovation for the future we are building—a new way of thinking, acting, and understanding our world and evolving new ideas.

Request an assessment for your pro-bono project

A branding project can lead the way for a new business, how its image is perceived, and how to plan for the future. We partner with companies, clubs, agencies, exhibition venues, and social communities, among others, to learn and share our vision and knowledge.

Start a Project

Big changes start with ambitious ideas. We help your brand in times of constant need for change.

We encourage new ideas that dream of transforming the world we live in, giving meaning to the lives of every consumer and client through values and purpose. Contact our team to share your dreams and ideas about your business and request a quote.

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I'm a Manager:
My company needs to develop its brand

Set up a conversation to understand what points need to be worked on to create a precise diagnosis of the situation.


I'm an Entrepreneur:
Owner a brand that needs more energy.

Talk to us to learn about your business and how we can contribute to a vision of success.


Marketing and Communication:
Campaigns, products and services

The person responsible for marketing a brand who needs ideas for campaigns, products, and services. Hire a project customized to your market's needs to be developed with your team.

How we work 

Customized projects according to your needs.


Development of projects that meet specific demands, with the value of the investment which is determined by the complexity and volume of the demand. Ideal for branding and creative projects that need a new communication boost.


An exclusive team will take care of your brand's activities, whether it's creating or managing the entire communication project. Ideal for clients who require a large amount of monthly work in design, communication, PR and marketing.


Development of projects that satisfy specific demands, with the investment value calculated by the complexity and volume of these demands. Our consulting is ideal for branding and creative projects that need a new boost in communication.


We share our expertise with the project teams to create new paths and possibilities together. The union of new knowledge applied to specific projects invigorates ideas and contributes to the development of innovation.

General Enquiries, Media & PR

NY +1 917 720 3422
UK  +44 20 8144 3396
BR +55 11 984550190

Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 1455 - 4º andar. São Paulo, SP
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