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Ricardo Carvalho
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Ricardo Carvalho is a Brazilian designer focused on projects and businesses for the areas of sports, entertainment, and tourism. Throughout his career he led teams and projects in design consultancies, sports marketing agencies like Octagon Sports, and companies, creating a solid portfolio in the sports and entertainment industry. Among his clients are NBA, Nike, Manchester City, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, Mastercard, FNF Championship, Formula SKR, 3M, RedBull, Flamengo, Budweiser, Samsung, and American Airlines. Ricardo has already led projects for clients in several countries, such as Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Nigeria, Kuwait, and United Arab Emirates. To see his projects, visit the official website at Behance. In addition to the passion for design and creation, Ricardo is also a scholar and fan of Urbanism and Megacities, inserting in his projects practices that promote a better coexistence and leave a positive legacy for society.

_ Clients

3M, Alessandro Gigante, Afropella, Altrone, American Airlines, Antarctica, Armada Lions Futebol Americano, Bauru Esporte Clube, Bauru Basket, Borussia Dortmund, Brahma, Budweiser, Çanakkale Dardanel Spor, Cartan, CBV, Circuit+, Cisco, Colorado, Corinthians, Corona, Delta Airlines, Evonik Industries, F4TAL Street Football, Flamengo, Flávio Canto, FNF Football, Fórmula SKR, Gabriel Jesus, Gol, Goose Island, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Hoegaarden, Kimberly-Clark, Liga de Gestão Esportiva FGV, LIVSTA Experience, Manchester City, Manchester United, Marzito Travel, Mastercard, NBA, Nike, Portal do Rugby, Porto Alegre Pumpkins, Red Bull, Rio Quente Resorts, Ronaldo Fenômeno, Samsung, Santander, Skol, Sky TV, Sportv, St Marche, Stella Artois, Switch Football Academy, Union IV, Wäls, Walt Disney, Wom Telecom. _ About Nacione™ Nacione™ is a global consulting firm specialized in branding and strategic management for entertainment, sports and tourism industries. One of the few branding agencies focused on the sports segment, Nacione™ stood out in 2018 for the quality of its projects and the multidisciplinarity of its team, which maintains a high level of delivery and design differentiation on a global scale. Nacione™ also acts as an official supporter of a number of athletes, teams, and competitions around the world, helping brands in the sports market to develop in a solid and competitive way. Find out more at www.nacione.com.

_ Personal Info

email: rccarvalho.com@gmail.com

_ Nacione™
Linkedin: Nacione Branding
US: +1 209 6915 094
UK: +44 7511 656068
BR: +55 11 99625 5500
MX: + 52 1 55 3222 9661

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